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Dr Michael Pisani
Dr. Michael Pisani

Dr. Michael Pisani is a cum laude graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC. While there, Dr. Pisani received numerous academic awards, including the Milton W., Louise, and Samuel Garfunkle Scholarship award for academic excellence.


Dr. Pisani’s love for chiropractic began as a chiropractic patient. While living in Colorado and hiking a 14,000 ft. peak, he injured his back. Barely able to walk the next day, he visited a chiropractor for the first time. Within hours of that first visit, he was virtually pain free. Regular chiropractic care continued to be something incorporated into his very active lifestyle. “It started as something to get me out of pain. Then, I began to see all these other improvements in my overall health, and all naturally, which was so important to me. It was about one year after my first adjustment that I told my chiropractor – I want to do what you do!” After 7 years of successful family practice in Louisville, KY, Dr Pisani is excited to be back in the beautiful state he fell in love with while at Sherman College – South Carolina! Even more exciting is being part of AlignLife. The wide range of natural health services that AlignLife offers allows patients to not only feel better, but to increase and optimize their overall health. Along with Dr. Pisani’s passion for chiropractic and natural health, his wife Kathleen also brings a background in nutrition and massage therapy. Their mission is to continually share this passion, and make a positive difference in the health and lives of their community! When looking for a Summerville chiropractor, call Dr. Michael Pisani for a consultation.


From a massage standpoint, I try my best to meet the client with exactly what they need that day. If they want to delve into an old trauma or just get rid of an ache or pain, I do my best to listen to what is needed. In the 20 years I have been practicing, I have helped many people to process deep traumas and blocked emotions, and I have helped many people get out of pain and improve their range of motion and feel more at ease. I have become comfortable with whatever comes up inside of a massage session and it is a blessing to me to be able to assist people to allow more freedom and ease to arise within. I help people who have lost hope find their way back to health. That is my purpose and that is what I love more than anything else. Whenever it is possible and appropriate I use natural interventions that work to bring the body back into balance and strengthen the body’s own healing power. I love the hard to treat cases and I am passionate about helping people who want to find a way other than drugs and surgery to improve their health. I love working with people who know there is a better way and are ready to get well. After practicing massage for 14 years I began to look for more ways to help my clients. I spent many years studying herbs and nutrition, however I remained dissatisfied with accepted model of Nutrition. Then, in 2011 I heard about Functional Medicine. Since then I have dedicated much of my life to research and development of programs and clinical application of Functional Medicine because I have seen firsthand that it offers hope to so many who thought there was none. I am excited to share my work with you as we join together on the sacred path of healing!

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